An Inadequate explanation of “Last Mile Library”

Last Mile Library is the creation of Ron Knowling, a Canadian Public Librarian living in the Territory of Nunavut. The blog is intended to create a space on the web for the discussion of public library services in the 21st century. It is based in part on the assumption that public libraries are under-utilized spaces within our communities. In that regard this blog is aimed at library, patrons and trustees looking for innovative ways to build out their library's services. The purpose is not to develop a uniformity across public libraries, rather it is to provide opportunities for variety and diversity in the services we deliver. Just as there would be a consensus that no two communities are the same we should not aspire to conformity in the services delivered to them by their public libraries.

The other assumption which informs this blog is that public libraries do not understand the needs of our patrons and communities.  Understanding this failure is important if we are to ensure that the institution of the library has a place within our communities into the 22nd century. Fundamentally, if we are to meet the needs of our patrons in a relevant and substantive manner we need who we are serving and what their needs are. Without this we run the risk of evolving into irrelevance.

This does not explain the meaning of the phrase "Last Mile Library", I will do that in later articles but I believe it does give you an idea of the nature of the articles which I will be sharing on this site. Thank-you!