Why you need to watch Bladerunner again…

In what is becoming a weekend ritual I spent much of Saturday and Sunday screaming at my iPhone as the news of kneeling NFL players and reaction to same spread across the Internet. For reasons which at the time were past understanding I was reminded of Ridley Scott’s BladeRunner, a film adapted from Philip K. … Continue reading Why you need to watch Bladerunner again…

Fake News and the willing suspension of disbelief

There is a scene in the film GalaxyQuest where Tim Allan's character, an actor who portrays a "Shatner-esque" starship Captain, has to explain to a race of aliens (called the Thermians) that the signals they have received from Earth and which they have used to model their entire civilization, were not archival records but but … Continue reading Fake News and the willing suspension of disbelief

Our Duty to Protect!

This past week many of us met a Utah nurse for the first time. Alex Wubbels works at the burn unit of the University of Utah Hospital. On July 26 Wubbels was handcuffed and detained by a Salt Lake City police detective after she refused to draw an unconscious patient's blood on the grounds that … Continue reading Our Duty to Protect!

The Food Insecure Patron

Years ago when I was completing my library school program I ran out of food. I was working three jobs and living on a student loan but that week the numbers just didn't add up. Fortunately I had friends who kindly allowed me to come to supper that night and the next day I got … Continue reading The Food Insecure Patron

The Changing Library

One of the things which has always frustrated me about libraries has been their formality. This is most easily identified in the typical image of the librarian. A mousy woman in a cardigan with a sour expression "shushing" library patrons. Forget that this woman easily surfed the complexities of huge reference collections and was conversant … Continue reading The Changing Library